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Building beautiful, high quality applications for Android, iOS and Mobile web, and Automated Customer Service Representatives.


Beautiful, Well built, Managed properly, Advertised right

Mobile Apps

We build our Android, iPhone using React Native, just like Facebook, Netflix, AirBnb and Yahoo. It means there will be overlap between the code we write for iPhone and Android saving you time and money.

Mobile Web

We develop mobile optimized web applications using ReactJS.

Automated Customer Service Agent

We develop Automated Customer Service Representatives for Facebook Messenger and Telegram to offer automated customer service within Chat environments and reduce Call center expenses.

E-commerce shops

We deliver E-commerce shops built with WooCommerce or Shopify.


We have experienced mobile designers that will help you design a user friendly, beautiful product. We are also able to work with designs you supply to us.


We help you translate your business requirements to technical requirements and prepare the project.


Our Marketing team delivers the right message, consistently, across a variety of channels in order to get those initial users, and then grow the base.


As part of the Ology team, we designed and developed a Facebook style Social Media Application with a Material Design look

Why Mobile Minds?
Time to market

The most important thing in business in getting your great idea to market more quickly than the competition. We deliver One, Two or Three month MVP packages that result in a ready made product for a fixed price and fixed time.


We work with Node and React Native, technologies that allows us to produce fully native applications in Android and iOS using a single programming language, allowing us to deliver applications for iOS ánd Android for the price of a single project.

Our team also has a deep experience with server side technologies such as Node, Java, Spring, Hibernate and WooCommerce, allowing us to work effectively in various environments.

Project Management

We use SCRUM for our project management. This means you can participate and control priorities during development. It results in a high quality result that matches your requirements.

Native English and Portuguese speakers

Our team has native English and Portuguese project managers and consultants, assuring an efficient exchange of information.

Mobile Minds
Mobile Minds is based in São Paulo, Brazil and operates for clients in Brazil, the United States, Europe and other parts of the world.
We are hiring!
If you are a software developer with experience in ReactJS and Node, contact us. We are always looking for talent and you can work 100% remote! Send us a short message with your LinkedIn and GitHub account!